Priority Maintenance and Repair

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Services Offered

Dave's Pool & Spa is now a part of Priority Maintenance and Repair. Our business services include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Pool Openings – Come Spring, you can trust our team to open your pool and test your equipment for functionality for the season.
  • Pool Closings – Hire a professional to ensure that ll water is flushed out of your lines properly, and all equipment is secured for a safe winter season.
  • Weekly & Bi-Weekly Maintenance – Have a trusted professional make care of your pool easy with our affordable options.
  • Water Analysis - Bring a sample of water to the store and let us take the guess work out of water chemistry for you.
  • Liner Replacement - Choose from a collection of quality liners to give your pool a new look.
  • Service and Repairs - From pumps to filters to heaters and more - our team has you covered if anything breaks down.
  • Safety Cover Replacement - Keep your family safe with a sturdy reliable safety cover to get through the colder months.